Como a tecnologia auxilia na prevenção de acidentes de trabalho?

How does technology help to prevent accidents at work?

Por Werkey Team

Learn about some of the technologies that can help you prevent work-related accidents in your company

Can you imagine going an entire day without using technology? How much we would miss her, wouldn't we? It is increasingly part of our lives, helping us to solve problems, overcome challenges and optimize activities.

Within companies it is no different. Employees can count on a range of technologies that promote their health and safety, ranging from simple protection that prevents exposure to moving parts of a machine, to virtual training or sophisticated monitoring and protection systems, which include the Internet of Things – IoT.

Technologies that help prevent accidents at work:

Internet of Things (IoT):

This is a technology that has been gaining more and more space, especially for heavier activities that use machines and tools.

Accidents at work still happen very often in Brazil. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Brazil is the third country with the highest number of deaths due to work accidents.
An efficient and economically viable alternative that many industries have found capable of promoting greater security and preventing incidents are technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The use of IoT technologies is promoting industrial process optimization, safety and quality control.

One of the most promising technologies is Beacon and it is already being used in the health, oil and gas, retail and agro-industry sectors. Beacons are small devices that emit signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Through the signals they emit, it is possible to determine the exact location of employees within large industrial areas or even vast agroforestry areas and mines. The adoption of new IoT-based technologies makes accident prevention more efficient and is promoting a true revolution in Brazilian industry. As an example of this:

  • Install Beacons on the badges or helmets of employees, in this way we will have real-time information on where each employee is and understand the routine of movement of the team during their working hours. This makes it possible to monitor possible compliance or security issues, even preventing untrained employees from exposing themselves to risk areas.

Technology promotes, in addition to the important role that is prevention, it also allows for more accurate and faster decision-making when faced with some risk.

In emergency circumstances, if the company has this type of technology in place, it would make it possible to have a quick response and prompt service. Because it would be possible to specify in real time how many people were on site, the number of victims and enable decision-making for more efficient relief.

That is, through applications and hardware that talk to each other, it helps in real-time prevention with some resources:

  • Remote updates that allow employee health data to be always protected and encrypted.

  • Preventive analytics that issue immediate alerts when identifying dangerous conditions and also point out areas for improvement over time.

  • Contextual awareness that allows the analysis of contexts such as geographic position, maps of the workplace and individual health data of each employee.

These are just some of the features, however, this technology can offer solutions according to the needs of each company.

Online Training Courses:

Training is a very effective way to raise awareness and mobilize your employees about the requirements and best practices for preventing accidents at work. The courses on Occupational Health and Safety can be carried out even at a distance, providing flexibility to the user, and can be carried out in the comfort of their home or wherever they are, as long as they comply with the legislation, meeting the requirements of NR1 and NT. No. 54/2018.

In other words, when the NR and NT requirements regulated distance training in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, it was possible to rely on technology for prevention.

Good training is essential to raise awareness and prevent accidents at work!

Simulators, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

This technology aims to create real experiences in virtual environments, reinforcing in practice situations already studied in theory.
These tools can be used both in remote and face-to-face training, to train your employees in safe environments, where mistakes do not put high-value assets or their physical integrity at risk.
In this way, it is possible for the user to focus on the correct execution of the task and not on the error, and better absorb the content taught.


We saw how some technologies can help us to prevent accidents at work, let's use it to our advantage!

Here at Werkey, we believe in technology as a great ally for training, so we offer distance courses on Occupational Health and Safety using simulators to offer an experience that is increasingly closer to the real thing to train your employees.

Our courses on Health and Safety at Work can be purchased individually or in packages, to access them on a private portal for your company or through the Werkey portal itself.

Talk to our team and learn a little more about our courses!

And for you and your company, have you been using technology through training?

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