Bem-vindo à Werkey

A Werkey é um portal de capacitação profissional onde as melhores marcas oferecem cursos que vão ajudá-lo a obter o máximo rendimento no agronegócio, na construção pesada e no segmento florestal.

Bem-vindo à Werkey

Na Werkey, você encontra cursos on-line e presenciais, oferecidos por quem mais entende das tecnologias que você usa no seu dia a dia: o próprio fabricante e seus concessionários.

Welcome to Werkey

Werkey is a professional training portal where the best brands offer courses that will help you get the most out of agribusiness, heavy construction and the forestry segment.

Welcome to Werkey

At Werkey, you can find online and in-person courses, offered by those who know the most about the technologies you use in your daily life: the manufacturer and its dealers.

Welcome to Werkey

Come to Werkey! You will learn and improve your skills to achieve even better results at work!

The Key to Your Development

Werkey brings you closer to the knowledge offered by your favorite brands. Click and discover the courses that
will help you get the most out of the technologies you use every day.

Get to know some benefits of Werkey for your development:


Courses from your favorite brands in a single portal.


Online courses that can be watched on different devices.

Online and Offline

Download courses on our App and watch even without Internet.


All your history and course certificates gathered in one place.


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What customers say about us

We implemented the Werkey solution for Business quickly and we have already reaped good results, thanks to the platform's features for training and personalized support during the process. At Werkey we find a reliable and experienced business partner.

João Paulo Santos - HORSCH - Training Manager

Excellent training platform, very interactive, simple and easy to use. I had the opportunity to work directly with Valter and Pedro, who are very serious and committed professionals.

Leandro Crummenauer - Topcon Agricuture - Support Manager

I am impressed by the quality of Werkey's solutions and the way in which the team interacts and approaches customers, in order to bring the best user experiences. Allied to humanized service, the Team takes more than a learning platform to training programs.

Glauber dos Santos - Pecege - Key Account Manager

Werkey proves to be a knowledgeable partner of our business model and that contributes with our materials not only with Content Design, but with relevant suggestions and meeting the agreed deadlines.

Dirleo C. Veçozzi Jr - Stara - Training Center Coordinator

Werkey clearly demonstrates its level of professionalism and harmony with the client's purposes and interests; with a team that is involved in the construction of a safe learning environment, easy to operate, complying with legal compliance; translating into comfort, safety, partnership and support.

Celso Albano de Carvalho - Market Access Manager and Coordinator of the Educational Hub at PECEGE Projetos.

Werkey has an important role in converging in one place the knowledge needed by employees, responsible for optimizing the investment in technology.

José Emilio Menoia Junior - Rural Producer

With Werkey, we are well represented to train agricultural and heavy construction workers in the mandatory courses of the NRs, contributing to preserve everyone's health and safety.

Hugo Vogel - Portal Escudo - Commercial Director

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