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Café & Networking Podcast

Por Werkey Team

“King of Networking in Brazil”

We invite you to listen to Werkey CEO Valter Henke's interview with Tom Reaoch, known as the “King of Networking in Brazil” in his Café & Networking Podcast .

The program's proposal is to transform the "Pitch into a Podcast"! Tom Reaoch, from Pittsburgh and known in Brazil as “O Rei do Networking”, the “King of Networking in Brazil”, does interviews in English or Portuguese. For entrepreneurs to tell their story! Present your selling points!

Check out a spoiler from the interview - June 23, 2021:

Today we are going to talk to Valter Henke, coming from Piracicaba in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Piracicaba is the heart of Sugarcane technology.

Valter Henke is founder and CEO of Werkey and WERKEY is an EdTech focused on improving the operation of equipment, supplies and services for agriculture equipment, earth moving and construction machinery. Valter has over 20 years of experience training dealers and customers at John Deere Latin America. Over the past 20 years, major changes have taken place in agricultural and road construction machinery with on-board technology and digital transformation. Machine operators and maintenance personnel skills have also changed dramatically.

Official page of Thomas F. Reaoch / Tom

You can listen to the interview:

Listen to "Valter Henke, CEO Werkey Ag Training Ed Tech, Brazil" on Spreaker.

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