Topcon - EZIV Animal Feeding Systems Course

Topcon - EZIV Animal Feeding Systems Course

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EZIV Animal Feed System Overview is a course designed for distributors and sellers. Course participants will learn about the different power scale indicator options, features included with each indicator, system configuration and options, as well as optional accessories.


  • Identify current scales for animal feed management;
  • Understand the benefits of each type of scale;
  • Properly configure and calibrate a power balance;
  • Navigate through indicator options and settings based on custom requirements;
  • Identify optional accessories.


What will I learn:

Lesson 101 - Introduction to animal feed management scales

Animal feed management scale options:

  • EZ2810;
  • EZ3410;
  • TMR3610;
  • TMR4610.

Basic operations and configuration of scale systems:

  • Front panel operation;
  • Configuration and calibration;
  • Selection keys menu;
  • DAN codes and navigation menus;
  • Connector board layout.

Lesson 102 - EZ3410 Operation and Setup

Feed schedule:

  • 3 programming options;
  • Add Ingredients and Corrals.

Loading and delivering rations:

  • Resizing;
  • Commonly used DAN codes.

Lesson 103 - TMR tracker scales

  • Benefits of TMR Tracker scales;

Programming and execution of rations:

  • Load mode vs. List mode;
  • List Mode Process.
  • Commonly used DAN codes.

Lesson 104 - Optional Accessories

  • Wired remote displays;
  • Cabin controls and radios;
  • T/R Kit and Rotation Counter Kit.


Products: EZIV Animal Feeding Systems

Language: This course is only available in the Portuguese (BR) version.

Hours: 1 hour

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: It has a certificate valid throughout Brazil. The certificate is automatically made available to the student upon successful completion of the course. To be approved, it is necessary to achieve at least 80% of correct answers in the course evaluation.

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