Topcon - Introduction to Horizon 5

Topcon - Introduction to Horizon 5

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Introduction to Horizon 5 is a course designed for distributors and salespeople. Course participants will learn about new features in Horizon 5 and requirements for customers migrating from Horizon 4.


  • Understand data unification and why it matters;
  • Understand what is changing for the customer;
  • Introduction to Horizon 5;
  • Introduction to the new Horizon 5 workflow;
  • Understand new features and enhancements;
  • Understand Console-specific changes.


What will I learn:

Lesson 101: Overview of Horizon 5

  • What is Native Mode?
  • What is Task Data Mode?
  • Why is it important to unite these two modes?
  • What is changing for the customer?
  • Data conversion from Horizon 4 to Horizon 5;
  • Starting with Horizon 5.

Lesson 102: Introducing Workflow in the New Horizon 5

Feed schedule:

  • fields;
  • Tasks (formerly Jobs) and Quick Start;
  • implements;
  • Products;
  • TAP


  • New layer composition;
  • VRC.


  • Groups of guidelines/guidelines;

Lesson 103: New Features and Enhancements

  • Day/Night mode with new and modern user interface;
  • XD and XD+ console support;
  • Purchase a console license;
  • New vehicle profiles added;
  • NTRIP support for CL devices on AGI-4;
  • License for John Deere R Series Driving Controllers;
  • Receiver firmware update baud rate for AGI-4 or AGS-2 receivers;
  • Name and save the Base Station frequencies.

Console-specific changes:

  • X25 no longer has advanced feature unlock;
  • New renamed individual unlocks.

Lesson 104 - New Functions and Improvements – Mapping

  • Single task mode;
  • UI Wizard;
  • Automatic Field Selection;
  • Create an AB line by routing an existing line;
  • Support for creating Field without Client or Farm;
  • Import legacy directives/guidelines (already existing) and .shp;
  • F1 key assignment;
  • Cycle guidelines/guidelines via VDC;
  • Join Mapping Master with Steering Enabled.

Flag point (landmarks) improvements:

  • Flag point alarms (reference points);
  • Ability to move flag points (landmarks);

Lesson 105 - New Features and Improvements - Implements

  • Advanced TC/VT boom geometry;
  • Smart rate for sprayers;
  • Set default task name per implement;
  • Ability to change the width of an implement during a task;
  • Automatic section control;
  • Removed "Horizon Main Switch" when using ISOBus implement;
  • Removed "Any ECU" when configuring an ISOBus implement.


Products: Consoles – X25 & X35, XD & XD+

Language: This course is only available in the Portuguese (BR) version.

Hours: 75 minutes

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: It has a certificate valid throughout Brazil. The certificate is automatically made available to the student upon successful completion of the course. To be approved, it is necessary to achieve at least 80% of correct answers in the course evaluation.

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