John Deere Harvesters - Agronomic Fundamentals of Grain Harvesting

John Deere Harvesters - Agronomic Fundamentals of Grain Harvesting

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In this module we will address the main agronomic factors that will affect the time of harvest. We will go through abiotic factors with rain, hail and winds, in addition to factors of the plant's own physiology such as growth habit, type of culture, point of maturation in addition to the influence of pests and diseases that will interfere with our harvest. All this content will be essential to understand the interaction of the environment with the harvester and how we should act in adverse conditions.


What I will learn in this module:

  • Size of culture;
  • Habit of growth and form of maturation;
  • Difference in harvesting “grains” and “seeds”;
    • Mechanical damage, loss and cleaning levels
  • Ideal point for harvesting;
    • Very green, very dry plants and green stem
  • Humidity variation during the day;
  • Influence of pests, diseases and weeds;
    • Bushing, green stem, moisture
  • Abiotic factors;
    • Frost, winds and rains
  • Humidity variation during the day

This is the 1st of 8 modules in the John Deere Harvester Operation course:

The John Deere Harvester Operations course is one of the courses provided by the Ciarama Training Center (CTC) that is part of Ciarama Máquinas, a John Deere dealership, that is, we have all the support, knowledge and structure to provide the highest level of training on John Deere machinery.

We aim to raise the level of agricultural machinery operators so that they can extract the highest possible productivity. We also seek to promote this job market that has grown a lot and lacks highly qualified professionals.

To have the best experience possible and understand all aspects that involve this agricultural operation, it is important that you access all modules of this course as some more advanced modules require prior knowledge, provided in the initial modules.

Consider purchasing additional modules, or the full course and earn progressive discounts:

  • I. Agronomic Fundamentals of Harvesting
  • II. General Internal Operation
  • III. Platforms for Soy and Corn
  • IV. Cabin and Instrumentation
  • V. Minimum Losses
  • SAW. Grain Quality
  • VII. Grain and Waste Management
  • VIII. Harvest Documentation and Automation


Institution: Ciarama Training Center – Ciarama Máquinas, a John Deere dealership.

Instructor: Tiago Augusto Langer Winckler


Target audience: Agricultural Machine Operators, People looking for replacement in the agricultural job market, Students and Professionals in Agronomic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Field Technicians, Consultants and other functions related to the grain harvesting process.


Modality: Distance course consisting of video recorded classes, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Downloadable teaching materials.

Hours: 2 hours

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: The student will be able to download the certificate of completion in electronic format immediately after completing the module, provided that they have achieved at least 70% of correct answers in the sufficiency test.

Availability: 3 months from the date of registration.

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