Strategic Management of Sugarcane Raw Material

Strategic Management of Sugarcane Raw Material

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The main objectives of this course are: To understand the numbers and the reality of the Sugar-Energy Sector; strategically analyzing all the processes of acquisition and commercialization of the raw material, knowing the risks inherent to the competition of other activities, as well as the competition itself for the dispute of the raw material cane.

Better understand the entire system of contract management, land management and integration with the agroindustry, within the current Consecanas' own methodology and the parameters that are taken into question to price sugarcane at the moment of acquisition; being able to build scenarios, current and future scenarios with the new incoming variables, building Modern and Sustainable Modeling of relationships between the sale and purchase of sugarcane, contributing to promote greater integration between the parties involved, whether in the production area, as also between the areas and processes within the Agroindustry.

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What I will learn in this module:

  • Numbers from the sugar-energy sector
  • Harvest start: are we ready?
  • Origination of the raw material “sugarcane”
  • Competitive analysis between production systems
  • Contract management system
  • land management
  • Production Condominium Workshop and Asset Consortium
  • Agribusiness planning together
  • Determination of the ATR price
  • Consecana SP and other Consecanas
  • Sugar price formation
  • Ethanol price formation
  • Electricity Price Formation
  • Current scenario and new "incoming" variables
  • Modern sustainable modeling of relationships
  • Business committees (land prospecting, producer development, budget relief)
  • New revenues originated


Institution: PECEGE - Institute for Research and Continuing Education in Economics and Business Management (Educational Pole PECEGE Projetos) and TerraLucro - Consultoria, Planejamento e Administração Ltda.

Instructor: Eng. Ag MSc. Celso Albano de Carvalho


Target audience: Students and Professionals of Agronomic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Commercial, Administrative, Agricultural Sciences, Administration, Accounting, Controllership, Economics, Agribusiness, Business Management, Consultants and other functions related to the Sugarcane Production Chain .


Modality: Distance course consisting of video recorded classes, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Downloadable teaching materials.

Language: This course is only available in the Portuguese (BR) version.

Hours: 9 hours

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: The student will be able to download the certificate of completion in electronic format immediately after completing the module, provided that he has achieved at least 70% of correct answers in the sufficiency test.


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