John Deere M4000 Series Sprayer Operation and Adjustments - Wait List

John Deere M4000 Series Sprayer Operation and Adjustments - Wait List

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Nothing beats practice to improve your knowledge and ensure you really learn how to operate a sprayer and that's why this course exists. Through it, you will have access to both theoretical and practical classes that cover all the subjects of the course.

In addition, you will be able to ask your questions directly with the instructor and receive practical explanations of how to perform, adjustments, adjustment and operation.

If you've already taken our online courses, this is a perfect opportunity to improve your skills and gain more experience right at the machine.

Important: If you are interested in being invited to the classes that will be scheduled soon, please click on the button above and fill out the waiting list.


What I will learn in this module:

  • Safety;
  • Identify the main parts and components of 4630, M4025, M4030 and M4040 sprayers;
  • Locate commands and instruments and describe their functions;
  • Adjust and navigate through screens on the COMMANDCENTER™ 4600 monitor;
  • Configure the system and perform basic calibrations;
  • Know about pre-operation verification;
  • Know how to operate M4000 Series sprayers;
  • Learn basic post-operation maintenance;
  • Understand application technology and tip selection;
  • Agronomic fundamentals of spraying.

This is the complete John Deere M4000 Sprayer Operations and Adjustments course.

The John Deere Sprayer Operations and Adjustments course is one of the courses provided by the Ciarama Training Center (CTC) that is part of Ciarama Máquinas, a John Deere dealership, that is, we have all the support, knowledge and structure to provide the most high level of training on John Deere machinery.

We aim to raise the level of agricultural machinery operators so that they can extract the highest possible productivity. We also seek to promote this job market that has grown a lot and lacks highly qualified professionals.


Institution: John Deere Training Center

Instructor: Tiago Winckler (Ciarama Training Center)


Target audience: Agricultural Machine Operators, People looking for replacement in the agricultural job market, Students and Professionals of Agronomic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Field Technicians, Consultants and other functions related to the spraying process.


Modality: In-person course, with access to some extra modules via online.

Language: This course is only available in the Portuguese (BR) version.

Location: To be determined. It may take place at Ciarama Máquinas or on your rural property.

Hours: 16 hours

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: The student will be able to download the certificate of completion in electronic format immediately after completing the module, provided that they have achieved at least 70% of correct answers in the sufficiency test.


Acquisition: This course can be paid in up to 6 installments on your credit card

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