Sugarcane Corporate Academy - Agronomic Management - Module II - Soil Management
Sugarcane Corporate Academy - Agronomic Management - Module II - Soil Management

Sugarcane Corporate Academy - Agronomic Management - Module II - Soil Management

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In this Learning Module, the subject specialist will address in great depth the current adaptations on soil management, production environments and adaptations for sustainable systems.

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What I will learn in this module:

  • Agricultural planning and sustainable soil management: fundamentals and concepts
  • Soil classification and characteristics relevant to management
  • Soil management units, production environments and third axis: what they are and how to use them
  • Preparation operations, their interactions and importance in systematization
  • Concepts and fundamentals related to soil conservation in sustainable systematizations
  • Conservation systems based on pedological and topographic characteristics inserted in sustainable systems
  • Use of georeferenced data management platforms in soil management and conservation
  • Management and conservation of soils and water, using diffuse surface runoff (ESD)
  • Management and conservation of soil water in sustainable systematization using terracing

This module is a part of Academia da Cana:

Academia Corporativa da Cana – Gestão Agronômico is a project resulting from a partnership between PECEGE – Institute for Research and Continuing Education in Economics and Business Management and AgroScience Consulting, Research and Agronomic Development, which aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge and information. through Distance Education (EaD), promoting the training, updating and succession of professionals in the various segments of the sugarcane production chain.

The module you are viewing is part of the series "Academia Corporativa da Cana - Agronomic Management", composed of 12 learning modules, as shown in the following list. Consider purchasing additional modules, or the full course and earn progressive discounts:

  • I. Basic concepts (physiology, maturation and production system)
  • II. soil management
  • III. preparation and planting
  • IV. weed management
  • V. Pest Management
  • SAW. plant mineral nutrition
  • VII. harvesting systems
  • VIII. Economic management in sugarcane
  • IX. Varieties and diseases
  • X. Agronomic technologies (biostimulant, biological control and soil microbiota)
  • XI. Rational use of water resources
  • XII. Field-applied research - IAC


Institution: PECEGE – Institute for Research and Continuing Education in Economics and Business Management (Educational Pole PECEGE Projetos) and AgroScience Consulting, Research and Agronomic Development

Instructor: Jairo Antonio Mazza


Target Audience: Students and Professionals in Agronomic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Commercial, Administrative, Agricultural Sciences, Administration, Accounting, Controllership, Economics, Agribusiness, Business Management, Consultants and other functions related to the Sugarcane Production Chain .


Modality: Distance course consisting of video recorded classes, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Downloadable teaching materials.

Language: This course is only available in the Portuguese (BR) version.

Hours: 6 hours

Devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Certificate: The student will be able to download the certificate of completion in electronic format immediately after completing the module, provided that he has achieved at least 70% of correct answers in the sufficiency test.


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