Health and safety at Work

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Mobile unity

Practical methodology where employees are trained in your company's environment, with expert instructors and advanced prevention equipment.


Courses in compliance with legislation and didactics that guarantee the best learning experience.


Face-to-face courses are held in a safe and controlled environment to ensure a high degree of realism.

On-site Courses Available

NR5 Course

Group elected and appointed by the company, to work towards the safety and health of the team.

NR6 Course

Intended to protect against risks capable of threatening your safety and health.

NR10 Course

Do you work with electrical installations and services? The NR 10 course is for you.

NR10 SEP Course

Do you work with electrical installations and services in Electric Power Systems?

NR12 Course

Intended for employees involved with machinery and equipment.

NR17 Course

It aims to establish parameters that allow the adaptation of working conditions.

NR18 Course

Health and safety conditions at work in the construction industry.

NR23 Course

Prevent fire outbreaks, ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in the company.

NR33 Course

Do you work in any area or location not designed for human occupancy on an ongoing basis?

NR35 Course

Any activity performed at a height of more than 2 m from the floor must be carried out by trained professionals.