Programa de afiliados Werkey

Werkey Affiliate Program

Por Werkey Team

Referring products to friends and acquaintances can now earn you extra money.

Before, the referral was made only in friendship, but now this can be done in a professional way and with the guarantee of companies that produce quality content and secure sales and payment systems.

This modality is known as an affiliate program and is offered by companies that have platforms for agreements between an advertiser and a seller, called an affiliate.

It undertakes to make an ostensible disclosure, using mostly digital marketing tools, such as banners on websites, personalized links by affiliates, discount coupons, advertisements or even sending marketing emails to its database.

The affiliate can also advertise on social networks or among friends and advertise the product on another site. With different techniques and tools, this is a way for people to work with what they like and still generate income, without the need to invest in products or equipment.

Simply promote the company's links and discount coupons and the commission will be paid as soon as a sale is made. Each seller will have a unique link to allow affiliate tracking and sales consolidation.

Tips for becoming an affiliate

  • Find a product to advertise that you have an affinity for;

  • Check if the target audience of your social network, blog or network of contacts has the need to purchase the product you chose;

  • Study well the product you will sell, to be able to connect with your potential customers;

  • Invest time in the business to identify the best ways to engage your audience and promote your products.

Profit from your recommendations

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, there is no greater influence than a recommendation from a friend. And what are you waiting for to start making money by recommending products you like? Below are some statistics from Nielsen Consulting that prove the importance of referral work:

  • 96% of consumers around the world say they fully trust referrals from a friend or family member above any other form of advertising.

  • 77% of consumers feel compelled to buy a new product when they discover it through word of mouth recommendation;

  • 54% of all purchases start with a referral process;

  • 84% of consumers believe that referrals and recommendations from friends and family are the best and most reliable source of information when it comes to a product or service.

Become a Werkey Affiliate

If you are passionate about the field and want to contribute to bringing more knowledge and training to professionals in the field, you are the ideal person to help sell Werkey courses. We offer courses in the areas of Machine Operation, Work Safety and Agricultural Management that you can share with your friends, followers and other audiences.

Find out how the Werkey Affiliate Program works:

  • Affiliate Platform for real-time consultation of your business and commissions;

  • Personalized link for disclosure;

  • Personalized discount coupons;

  • Affiliate Support Team;

  • Provision of promotional materials to help with the Affiliate's communication strategy.

To register for the Werkey Affiliate Program click HERE .

Founded in June 2020, Werkey is a company that emerged from the need for a solution that promotes the convergence of on-site and online course offerings from different brands and their networks of dealers that work in agribusiness and heavy construction. Werkey trains in a single portal the customers and users of its solutions from these companies in Latin America.

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